Editra ipython plugin under work


Editra ( http://editra.org/ ) is a programmer’s source editor that is now bundled with wxpython distribution.

It has a plugin architecture so external can connect to it to provide added functionality.

I’m currently working on integrating wx IpythonView widget inside it. So user will have a new ipython based alternative to classical wx pyshell.

Current version of the plugin is 0.3beta and bundle ipython/readline/and wx ipython widget into one egg. It supports infinite loop breaking, multiline copy/paste, options save/restore.

Thanks to cody precord, author of editra, it also works for MacOSX.

There still lot of work so… stay tuned for more news!


2 Responses to “Editra ipython plugin under work”

  1. Ronen Says:

    That’s a one cool Plugin.

    What will make it ideal, is better integration with Editra’s Editor:
    Make ipython’s %edit Open the edit-buffer in Editra’s current Windows, and Enable poeple to run The code they edit in Editra inside the open IPython windows…
    Any hint where should I try to hack in order to achieve those?


  2. Laurent Says:

    You can have access to the plugin repos:

    # Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
    svn checkout http://editra-plugins.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ editra-plugins-read-only

    The plugin name is ipyshell, in it’s directory you’ve got the whole ipython source + the plugin source.

    It need a little refresh for sure :).

    If you want to try to hack it take a look @Ipython/gui/wx the whole code is in ipython_view and ipshellnonblocking.

    ipython_view -> gui interface
    ipshellnonblocking -> the interface with ipython

    You can add:
    ip = IPython.ipapi.get()
    def myEdit(self, arg):
    print ‘do what you want’
    ip.expose_magic(‘edit’, myEdit)

    to WxNonBlockingIPShell inside ipython_view.py

    Please note that if ipython is ever installed on your system you’ll have to make a eggsetup.py develop to make sure to use your new local copy.

    We can discuss about all of this in ipython-dev mailing list 🙂


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